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  • Scuba point Diving Palau Sardegna

    Immersioni La Maddalena e Lavezzi

  • Immersioni La Maddalena Lavezzi



  • Diving in Sardinia

    Scuba point Palau

    Diving & snorkeling

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Diving north Sardinia

Diving in Sardinia

Dive with Scuba point in the National Park of La Maddalena in Sardinia and Lavezzi Island Nature Reserve in Corsica, the union and collaboration established between the two parks has led to the largest International Park of the Strait of Bonifacio . We will guide you to discover the most suggestive of the Bouches diving. Washington rock or Secca di Spargi, Punta Coticcio, Spargiottello, the Shoals Monks and Groupers City Lavezzi are just some of the dive sites that we plan.

Scuba diving point is located beachfront on the tourist port of Palau in less than 50 m from the maritime station and ferry to La Maddalena. The building, recently renovated, is located on a floor of 50 square meters and has a large veranda with wooden stage for the preparation before and after immersion. With 12 equipment Mares, 35 single tank of 12 liters and 15 liters from 15 compressor MCH 32. The Diving also offers storage service, rinsing equipment and charging air and Nitrox diving. The rental of diving equipment are all of excellent quality and pre-owned saw that are replaced every few years over-depth annual maintenance. Dive computers are already known of the Mares Nemo wide and Smart for large safety margins that distinguish them. The diving center also has 4 Silver GoPro hire, with simple polycarbonate homes or complete kit with brackets with two arms and torches video from 3000 lumens each, the video kit; bracket and torches can also be rented separately.

Diving in Northern Sardinia and only in Palau to be managed by local guides who always immerse themselves in the waters of the archipelago of La Maddalena and Lavezzi. In collaboration with the best facilities in the area, we can arrange your diving holiday you're a couple or a group of divers we will certainly accommodate you to contact us for more information.


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Porto turistico
V Fonte Vecchia sn
07020 Palau OT

Mobile: +39 3382443537

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