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  • Scuba point Diving Palau Sardegna

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    Scuba point Palau

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Diving center

Scuba point

It born in Palau in Sardinia in June 2001, with the imperative to offer its customers a high quality and professional service, and a moral obligation to offer a more comprehensive and sophisticated number of dives devoting a lot of time in the search for new dive sites.
It is the only diving in the area of ​​Palau, to offer besides the parks of Lavezzi Marini and La Maddalena Archipelago also the famous Cerbicali Islands in Corsica.
The guides and instructors on a permanent basis are all local, you are immersed in these acqie for over 25 years as well as having worked and managed diving in the famous tourist spots around the world.


Scuba point is renewed constantly, not limited only to the complete replacement of equipment every few years or modernization of vessels but also investing on the lookout for new and interesting dive sites.
Started as a joke is then born a good group of experienced divers who have in common a great passion for the sea and for seeking reefs, wrecks or other particular subjects. (Vittorio Charter, Max Pintus, Gabriele Paparo, Stefano D ' Urso, Fabio Tulli and Alessandro Rinaldi)
Our research ranges from depths ranging 20 to 100 meters with the use of closed-circuit rebreathers and electronic control and underwater scooters Suex of which we are also retailers.


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Porto turistico
V Fonte Vecchia sn
07020 Palau OT

Mobile: +39 3382443537

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