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  • Scuba point Diving Palau Sardegna

    Immersioni La Maddalena e Lavezzi

  • Immersioni La Maddalena Lavezzi



  • Diving in Sardinia

    Scuba point Palau

    Diving & snorkeling

  • Diving in Sardegna



Diving in north Sardinia



We will let you immerse in the second most important marine parks in the Mediterranean.

The National Park of La Maddalena, with the famous diving at Secca Washington, the breathtaking walls of Punta Coticcio east of Caprera Island, dry Monks or the shallows of Budelli, Razzoli and Barrettinelli di Fuori.

The island of Lavezzi Natural Reserve and Cerbicali Islands, seriously protected for more than two decades will give us strong emotions for meetings with large shoals of pelagic diving in more than notes of Pylon, City or dry Groupers and dried del Toro to Cerbicali.


Our dives

They are divided into three categories, short medium and long range, list them all would be tedious, they are over the 70 dive sites.
Short distance are those that fall in the inner archipelago zone, Spread, Spargiotto and Spargiottello, Budelli and the west coast of La Maddalena, with Washington Rock, Spargiottello, the Mushroom, the colonies of Gerardia and the Arch.
Medium distance all those on the east coast of the island of Caprera. I Picchi Cala Anglais, Grottino and collapsed the Fiordino for spectacular diving suitable for all
Long distance all external ones, monks, northern archipelago so North Maddalena, Razzoli, Lavezzi and Santa Teresa di Gallura

Technical diving

For technical diving an advance reservation is required for this type of diving we rely on an external instructor with extensive experience in technical diving, both open circuit and with rebreathers and closed-loop electronic control.

Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant
HMS Felixstowe
Clan Ogilvie
I sommergibili
I rami di Gerardia
Corallo rosso
Fondo di mezzo


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