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  • Scuba point Diving Palau Sardegna

    Immersioni La Maddalena e Lavezzi

  • Immersioni La Maddalena Lavezzi



  • Diving in Sardinia

    Scuba point Palau

    Diving & snorkeling

  • Diving in Sardegna



Scuba point


Our diving boats

Our fleet consists of three vessels: two diving boats from 10 meters, certified to carry twelve sub with guides and crew. They are optimized to ensure safety, efficiency and comfort. On board there are first aid kit, VHF, eco oxygen and precise workmanship. A crew of experienced divers always dive will ensure the maximum safety and organization.
The third vessel is a 14 meter for snorkeling excursions vintage sailboat in full day in the waters of the National Park

Buena onda

It 'a vessel of good size, designed specifically for the diving service and can carry twenty people in full speed and convenience.

Length 10 metri
Larghezza: 3,70 metri
Motori: 2X250 CV IVECO
Velocità max: 30 nmh
Velocità crociera: 19
Portata: 20 Pax

Seaworld II

Even this boat is approved for diving activities, the same dimensions Buena wave carries sixteen people.

Lunghezza 10 metri
Larghezza: 3,80 metri
Motori: 2X300 CV HINO TOYOTA
Velocità max: 27 nmh
Velocità crociera: 16
Portata: 16 Pax

Padi courses

Scuba diving point offers diving courses from baptism of the sea level up to Divemaster (dive guide) with PADI - SSI - while in technical courses you follow the TDI-SDI standard.

DSD Discover scuba diving

Also known as the baptism of the sea, in one half a day you can make the first dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters. without having to attend a full course. The DSD Includes theory lesson, a session in confined water dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
Credited for the open water diver course.

Padi scuba diver

In just two days or three half days you can achieve the scuba diver patent, which enables them to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters always accompanied by a professional.
Credited for the open water diver course.

OWD open water diver

first-level patent, five theory lessons with final exam, five confined water sessions and four open water dives to a maximum depth of 18 meters. Five half-days or three days full time to complete the course by autonomous underwater.
And 'possible to complete the theoretical part online

AOWD advanced open water diver

Second-tier patent, five specialty dives, including 2 mandatory (deep and underwater navigation) and three will be chosen based on the planned type of dive. Usually they dive in current specialty, multi-level, by boat or peak performance, among the most important to be able to play safely diving in the Mediterranean.
Course without final exam.

EFR emergency first responce

The patent First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation are very useful knowledge to anyone.
During dry.

Rescue diver

underwater rescue patent to prevent problems and know how to deal with the various rescue techniques.

Snorkeling in La Maddalena

Our snorkel boat is the Guincho, a beautiful vintage sailing boat built in Santa Margherita Ligure in 1952.
With us snorkeling in the archipelago of La Maddalena is 5 stars, meeting at Scuba diving point of Palau, starting 10.30 h, bow to Budelli Spargi Razzoli and Santa Maria, the return is scheduled in the evening around 17.30 h

Visit the site Guincho



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Porto turistico
V Fonte Vecchia sn
07020 Palau OT

Mobile: +39 3382443537

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