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 Scuba point diving Palau Sardinia


Scuba point diving was born in Palau, Sardinia, in June 2001

The diving center has grown over the years thanks to the experience and passion with which it has always been managed with continuity. The goal of Scubapoint in Palau has always been to offer its customers a high quality and professional service, offering an increasingly complete and sophisticated number of dives. For this reason, Scuba point guides and instructors have always dedicated a great deal of time and personal resources in the search for new and exclusive dive sites.
This activity, started almost as a game, soon gave life to a group of experienced divers who share a great passion for the sea and for searching for shoals, wrecks or other original dive sites.
Our research ranges from depths ranging from 20 to 100 meters, with the use of closed circuit rebreathers and electronic control and Suex underwater scooters of which we are also dealers.
The historical instructors that constitute the beating heart of the staff, are all local and, besides having worked and managed diving in famous tourist resorts all over the world, have been immersed in these waters for more than 25 years. Their in-depth knowledge of dive sites, combined with the passion for their sea, will allow you to discover hidden details and to fully enjoy your diving in Sardinia.


Scuba point diving Palau Sardegna
Via Fonte vecchia Porto Turistico Palau 07020 Palau, Sardegna Italia
Tel: +393382443537




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Sardegna - Palau
Porto turistico
V Fonte Vecchia sn
07020 Palau OT

Mobile: +39 3382443537

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