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Dives in Sardinia

Diving Palau Sardinia



Diving in the National Park of La Maddalena Archipelago - Sardinia - and Lavezzi Marine Reserve, Corsica. Scuba point diving Palau, consists of a well designed and efficient structure that exploits a privileged space, overlooking the Marina of Palau
Palau itself is located in a strategic point for anyone who wants to know and explore the depths of Northern Sardinia or simply visit the islands that make up La Maddalena Archipelago, rising right in front of the Marine Park of Bocche di Bonifacio (Sardinia - Corsica). Going on foot or by car, along the Marina of Palau, leads to the boarding for La Maddalena, easily recognize the wooden structure of the diving. Scuba point boats, fast and designed specifically for diving, are moored right in front of the diving center and allow diving or snorkeling excursions, in this area of ​​Sardinia, full of relaxation and comfort.
The diving instructors of Palau will guide those of you who are already underwater to discover some of the most beautiful dives in Sardinia, such as Washington Rock, Punta Coticcio, Spargiottello, Le Secche dei Monaci,  giant colonies of Gerardia Savaglia and Grouper City of Lavezzi. Courses at all levels, suitable for those who want to start a route or those who want to continue improving, are offered by the diving center of Palau.
Scuba point diving Palau is not just underwater and underwater world. It is not rare that attention of those who walk along the avenue along the Port of Palau, stop in front of an elegant wooden sailing boat that for the charm and elegance that emanates, stands out among the dozens of boats moored: it is Guincho, vintage sailing ship of Scuba Point diving Palau, at your disposal for exclusive daily excursions with snorkeling between the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago. The wooden sailing ship is the flagship of Scuba point diving and anyone who has the good fortune to sail the beautiful waters of Sardinia and La Maddalena Archipelago, sailing on the Guincho, will inevitably be kidnapped.
Scuba point diving Palau is a diving center that we could define as historical for Sardinia. Born in 2001 from the passion of some local instructors, it has grown over the years thanks to their determination and their tenacity that has allowed the diving to evolve over time, offering a service of diving and snorkeling excursions exclusive and quality. The instructors of the diving center of Palau, through years of exploration and experience, can count on a deep knowledge of the dive sites that, combined with the passion for their sea, will allow you to discover hidden details and to fully enjoy your dives in the waters of Sardinia.
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Scuba point diving Palau Sardegna
Via Fonte vecchia Porto Turistico Palau 07020 Palau, Sardegna Italia
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Sardegna - Palau
Porto turistico
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07020 Palau OT

Mobile: +39 3382443537
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