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Dive Caprera Coticcio

Diving spots of Caprera



Cala Inglesi
In this area the slopes are for all tastes, suitable for divers of all levels: beginners stop in a few meters of depth along the fall, experts can continue the descent to the bottom, (about 37 m) and observe the many splits that characterize this wall, looking for lobsters and big Gronghi.
The Cala Inglesi wall
The anchor point is practically the same as the previous dive, the only difference is that we head north where we will find a breathtaking wall both for its steepness and for its colors, guaranteed the meeting with large groupers, corvine and a large herd of mullets. the bottom at the foot of the wall is around 40 meters.
I Picchi
About forty meters from the north side of Punta Coticcio rise up to the surface, from a backdrop to 45 meters, two incredible peaks that at the top have a diameter of 2 meters. A really beautiful dive: incredible the number of chestnut trees circling around the hat. You can find amberjack, hunting snappers and beautiful golden groupers. There are also large capons at the base of the boulders, sponges, parazoanthus, sea roses and every form of living organism that encrusts the rocks of the bottom. Only a few guides know the load of a Roman ship still intact and, fortunately, well camouflaged with the bottom
The Fiordino
It is a dive suitable for everyone for the type of stepped backdrop, so you can choose the most suitable depth for the degree of diving experience. It starts practically from the ground with a first step at 6-9 m depth, to then gently degrade up to over 50 m of prof. Do not miss the meetings with big and shy Cernie
It takes its name from the famous Punta Coticcio beach. The dry reaches the surface and sinks for about 30 m on the eastern side where you will find beautiful red gorgonia and very dense sea daisies (Parazoanthus Axinellae), and about 15-16 m on the west side, therefore suitable for divers 1st level.


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