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The backdrop of Washington is part of the much larger Secca di Spargi, of which it is the least demanding part, as less deep, but no less spectacular. Some say it takes its name from the place of origin of a diving instructor of the Club Mediterranèe of Caprera, who used to take customers to dive along the walls of the dry, others say that takes its name from a huge boulder that looks just like the head of the American president. And according to many, the backdrop with the most beautiful morphology, certainly it is in the area of ​​La Maddalena. The dry is located between the island of Spargiotto and Budelli. The base rests on the platform of the Maddalena archipelago 35 meters deep and the summit reaches -6 meters. Its particular position, the dry and 'invested by the currents from Mistral and Grecale, explains the reason for the presence of the paramuricea in abundant quantities already at 15 meters deep. The gigantic granite monoliths form large and long passages, with a spectacular life, a real delight for any diver. You can meet some nice fish of tana (gronghi, moray eels, lobsters). It is not rare the encounter with shoals of Barracuda Immersion less demanding.
Spargi, Spargiotto and Spargiottello, seems like a play on words and instead they are three islands aligned on the east side of the La Maddalena archipelago in a westerly direction. To find the hat you do not need either GPS or echo sounder, just go to the south-east of Spargiottello decidedly clear water will undoubtedly betray the top of white rock. The dry is spectacular, made of steep bastions that rise vertically from a depth of about 30 m. To visit the great canal that opens between the main body of the dry and a large monolith on the west side. Unforgettable dives


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