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Scuba point, your diving in Palau in Sardinia

Diving Palau Sardinia

Diving Palau La Maddalena National Park

Diving Palau

La Maddalena National Park


The diving center of Palau enjoys a privileged position, standing right in front of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park (Sardinia) and the Lavezzi Marine Reserve (France - Corsica).
The union and collaboration between these two parts of the sea, unique in the Mediterranean, has given life to the largest International Marine Park of the Bocche di Bonifacio, in the north of Sardinia. From Palau, our guides will accompany you to discover some of the most fascinating dives in Sardinia and Corsica. Washington Rock or Secca di Spargi, Punta Coticcio, Spargiottello, the Secche dei Monaci, the giant colonies of Gerardia Savaglia and the City of Cernie di Lavezzi are just some of the dive sites that diving can offer you.
The strategic position of Palau compared to the whole of Northern Sardinia will allow you to go out into the sea and immerse yourself with almost all weather conditions, even when the strong winds of the west beat the coast, giving the sea of ​​Sardinia colors and breathtaking views. The presence of the La Maddalena archipelago in front of the coast of Palau always allows the guides to adapt the exits and navigate safely to the coast to the east of the island of Caprera, Punta Coticcio. In the case of winds from the east it will be possible to dive close to Spargiotto, Spargiottello, Budelli or La Maddalena. In optimal wind and sea conditions, we will always focus on more exposed dives like Washington Rock, the Secca dei Monaci or the Secca delle Cernie di Lavezzi, not accessible in more critical wind and sea conditions.
The structure of the diving
Scuba Point diving is easily accessible and visible at the tourist port of Palau, less than 50 meters from the boarding point for the island of La Maddalena, north of Sardinia.
The structure, recently renovated, is located right on the seafront, on a 50 sqm floor that opens onto a large and comfortable veranda with wooden stage, for pre and post dive preparation.
Exclusive privilege of Scuba point in Palau is to have access to the boats at a few meters from the structure of the diving. The staff will take care to make you find cylinders and equipment on board and you will only have to get comfortably on our boats to discover with us some of the most famous dives in Sardinia
Diving equipment
Scuba point Palau is equipped with 12 complete Mares equipment available for rental, 35 single-cylinder 12-liter, 15 single-cylinder 15-liter and a compressor from MCH 32. For fans of video or underwater photography or even for those who want to try their hand for the first time in this activity, the diving offers also some GoPro 4 Silver to hire, video kit with simple polycarbonate case or with complete kit of two-arm brackets and video torches of 3000 lumens each (bracket and torches can be rented also separately).
The dive center also offers storage, rinsing equipment and refilling both air and nitrox tanks.
Underwater activities
  • The diving center of Palau offers many opportunities to get to know the sea of ​​Sardinia:

  • guided recreational diving in the La Maddalena Archipelago and in the Lavezzi marine reserve,

  • courses with teaching Padi and SSI with our instructors

  • technical diving courses

  • diving with underwater scooters

  • diving with rebreather


Excursions and guided snorkeling in the Maddalena Archipelago
The structure of Palau also offers unforgettable visits in navigation and guided snorkeling between the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago with our boat Guincho, a prestigious and elegant wooden vintage sailing vessel



Our diving boats
Our fleet consists of three boats. Scuba point can count on two comfortable boats dedicated and created ad hoc for diving activities, both from 10 meters, approved to carry twelve divers with guides and crew, optimized to ensure safety, efficiency and comfort. On board there are first aid kits, VHF, echo, oxygen and a complete equipment. A crew of experienced divers will always guarantee dives with well organized outings and conducted in maximum safety.
The third boat is instead an elegant vintage sailboat of 14 meters, dedicated to daily excursions in the waters of the National Park of La Maddalena, pearl of Sardinia and the Mediterranean, with the possibility of going out in guided snorkeling
Buena onda
It is a boat of good size, designed specifically for diving service and can transport twenty people in full speed and comfort.
Length 10 meters
Width: 3.70 meters
Engines: 2X250 CV IVECO
Max speed: 30 nmh
Cruising speed: 19
Capacity: 20 Pax




Seaworld II
This boat is also approved for diving activities. Of identical size to Buena onda, it carries sixteen people.
Length 10 meters
Width: 3.80 meters
Engines: 2X300 HP HINO TOYOTA
Max speed: 27 nmh Cruise speed: 16
Capacity: 16 Pax
Vintage sailboat from 1952 (Santa Margherita Ligure), sailing marconi,
Length 13.50 meters
Width 3.70 meters
1X100 HP VOLVO PENTA engine
Max speed 9nmh
Scope 15 Pax


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