Washington Rock

Prepare to be spellbound by the distinct terrain and the bustling life that Washington Rock harbors. Here, the presence of hefty groupers, croakers, barracudas, and snappers is a diver’s delight.
And for those feeling particularly lucky, the thrill of encountering large pelagic species, such as amberjacks or tunas, could turn your dive into an unforgettable encounter.
This dive spot is famed for its mammoth granite formations, intriguingly reminiscent of Mount Rushmore—an attribute that earned it its name from the US Navy back in the ‘70s.
Diving into Washington Rock plunges you into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea’s marvels, where life in all forms, from the most minute nudibranchs to the most formidable predators, thrives in harmony. Approachable large groupers, common dentexes, and congregating barracudas by the hundreds showcase the area’s unique charm. It’s not rare to cross paths with elusive hunters such as amberjacks and little tunas during your exploration.
Recent years have witnessed a consistent increase in stingray sightings, with divers often encountering over 10-15 majestic rays in a single dive. The striking red gorgonians embellish the underwater landscape, flourishing in the depths where the subtle currents invigorate their health.
We wholeheartedly believe that Washington Rock is a diver’s paradise, offering an unrivaled experience for enthusiasts of all levels eager to immerse themselves in the splendor of the underwater world.


Spargiottelo, a captivating circular shoal, lies to the southwest of the islet sharing its name. This underwater marvel begins at a shallow depth of 5 meters and plunges to the more adventurous depths of around 30 meters. It teems with large, friendly groupers and schools of silvery barracudas. Thanks to its prime location, the marine life here is robust and incredibly diverse.
This dive site captures the heart from the moment you descend, offering a spectacle right up to the last second of your safety stop.
The shoal’s summit is a bustling community of rockfish, including the vibrant pavonine damsels, serene sea breams, striped banded breams, and the curiously named pizzuti breams, all of whom may follow you around, adding a sense of companionship until you ascend. Spargiottelo is a diver’s dream regardless of experience level. Offering a variety of depths, it caters perfectly to both novices eager to explore the underwater realm and seasoned divers seeking depth and complexity.

I Picchi di Punta Coticcio

I Picchi di Punta Coticcio is a dive site off Caprera that often leaves divers with unforgettable memories. The dive features two majestic pinnacles that soar upward from a seabed of white sand at around 30 meters deep.
This site is truly a spectacle, resembling underwater mountains home to a vast array of marine life. Descend to the deeper parts of this dive, near the remnants of an ancient Roman wreck scattered with amphorae, and you might find large brown groupers observing the parade of divers with curious eyes.
Encountering a large school of resident snappers is not uncommon here, and with a bit of luck, you might encounter even more marine wonders. For those looking to delve deeper, around 40 meters down, you’ll be greeted by stunning gorgonians. These magnificent sea fans, some stretching over two meters, paint the seabed in vibrant hues of red, creating a breathtaking underwater landscape.
Both Spargiottelo and I Picchi di Punta Coticcio offer a plethora of sights for divers of all levels, making each dive not just an exploration but an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Mediterranean’s underwater marvels.

The City of Groupers

Just one mile east of the magnificent island of Lavezzi (Corsica), nestled in the Straits of Bonifacio – the sea strait that acts as a natural separator between Sardinia and Corsica – lies the “Secca delle Cernie”, also affectionately dubbed the City of Groupers (or Merouville, in French). This site is part of the striking International Marine Park of the Straits of Bonifacio, at the convergence of the National Park of the Maddalena Archipelago and the Natural Reserve of the Straits of Bonifacio, in the open sea. Here, we discover a thriving population of brown groupers.
Prepare to dive into an experience that’s even more surreal than usual. You’ll be warmly greeted by a considerable number of groupers, some reaching impressive sizes, who boldly approach divers. Thanks to years of becoming accustomed to being fed, these magnificent fish are often on the lookout for an easy meal. However, thanks to the conservation efforts of the French “Lavezzi Archipelago” Park and the Strait of Bonifacio International Park, feeding the groupers is now prohibited, aiding in the restoration of their natural predatory behaviors. For diving aficionados, this spot offers a truly unique and memorable experience. Note that due to the depth of the dive, it’s reserved for those holding a second-degree scuba certification or higher.

The Lavezzi Cigar

Meet “The Cigar” – undoubtedly one of our most distinctive and awe-inspiring dive sites. It’s one of those rare gems where drifting with the current comes highly recommended. The adventure begins northwest of the lighthouse, where divers allow the often-present current to guide their journey. Prepare for a mesmerizing slalom through granite peaks and towers that nearly breach the surface from their base below. Despite its relatively shallow depth, averaging around 15 meters, the site is rich with large branches of gorgonian fans and walls adorned with Parazoanthus. Divers can expect to encounter large brown groupers, croakers, snappers, and barracudas amidst the natural beauty of this underwater landscape. “The Cigar” presents a dive that combines the thrill of drifting with the marvels of marine biodiversity, making it a must-visit for those seeking something deeply special under the waves.

The Monks’ Shoal

The Break is the most renowned diving spot at the Monks’ Shoals.

A sprawling formation of rocks that protrude in the heart of the sea, situated to the northeast of the Monks’ Islet. The Break ascends from approximately 30 meters to 8 meters, having its peak split into two by a broad crevice that descends to the depths. Being surrounded by the sea, this location serves as a migratory route for various fish. Serendipitous encounters with sizable bluefin tuna on the prowl or schools of snapper and amberjack causing the dense clusters of damselfish and bream to “explode” are not uncommon. A group of imposing barracudas consistently patrols the shoal.

The Angel of Palau

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Palau, at Sciumara Bay, a ceremony was held to unveil the Female Bronze Angel. Standing over two meters tall, this sculpture, gracefully embodying an angel with female features, was gently placed on the seabed, to a depth of 15 meters, close to the spot where 80 years ago (on April 10, 1943), the Royal Cruiser Trieste sank after being struck by 120 bombs, leading to the demise of 77 military personnel. In addition to commemorating the fallen of the Trieste, the underwater angel stands as a unique lure for enthusiasts of diving tourism, blending natural wonders with the history of Sardinia.

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Janik WJanik W
13:04 04 Jun 24
I did my Advanced Open Water course with Davide from Scuba Point in Palau and absolutely loved it! Davide is an extremely professional and experienced diving instructor who made the course very informative and educational.The dives were breathtaking and the equipment was first class. I felt very safe the entire time.The entire team at Scuba Point is very friendly and helpful, which made the entire experience even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Scuba Point to anyone wanting to dive in Palau – an unforgettable experience!
Andreas BlenkAndreas Blenk
12:58 03 Jun 24
Did two very nice dives. With Sabrina as a guide, I felt like I was in safe hands at all times, even as a beginner. Grazie😎🇮🇹
Matthias StöcklMatthias Stöckl
11:12 28 May 24
I had a great time with two fun dives during a morning trip. After fours years of no diving for me, Sabrina did a very helpful and relaxed refresher course at the beginning of my first dive. Davide led the second dive and showed some great spots.
kevin bollenkevin bollen
12:16 25 May 24
We went to Sardinia for a bachelorparty and we went for scubadiving. Nobody did this before and we where with a group of 8ppl. Exept me bcz i already had some diving experience. The ppl where super friendly and explained everything very well! 2 friend and i went with Sabrina and it was an amazing time! She showed the skills and it was verry clear to my friends for what she expected them to do! In the meanwhile there was a small cuttlefish looking at us.😆 After the skills we went to 8m with a visibility as far as u can see! She took care of my friends and checked them every 2-3 mins if they where 👌🏼. Super nice to see! I recommend scubapoint! Thx again to the whole crew!! 👌🏼🤙🏻
Fabienne RiederFabienne Rieder
11:20 24 May 24
Two great dives! Visibility was great as were my two diving instructors Anna & Sabrina🌞☺️
Theresa Marie ZulaufTheresa Marie Zulauf
16:11 16 May 24
We went diving with Sabrina and Davide and it was a lot of fun.Since it was my first dive, Sabrina instructed the diving above and below the water very well. I can only recommend and look forward to my next dive. ☺️
Fredrik TostFredrik Tost
16:10 16 May 24
Had a really great experience! Davide and Sabrina are great instructors! We did a refresher and fun dive together which was a lot of fun.
Burkhard LöcheltBurkhard Löchelt
12:08 17 Oct 23
Luca and Lorenzo are super friendly hosts and their entire diving equipment is very professional. We had a great time snorkelling and would come back any time.